SFW-52EN-4 Open

- 4" deep

Outside: H 20.7", W 13.8", D 3.7"

Inside:  H 20.3", W 13.4", D 3.4"

Weight: 38 Lbs.

Shelf:    2


  1. Designed for easy installation in a standard 4” deep wall
  2. Heavy gauge steel plate construction
  3. Easy to use electronic lock powered by 4 – AA batteries
  4. Manual key operated override lock
    5. Time out penalty of 20 seconds if incorrect combination entered 3 times increasing to 5 minute penalty if 3 more incorrect combinations entered.
    Simply cut out the drywall between 2 wall studs and the safe gets attached to the studs through per-drilled holes inside the safe.
    6. Low battery warning, lock signals you when batteries are getting low.