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When detering thiefs or criminal activity in any measure fortifying the physical enviroment significantly mitigates the effects of criminal attack. Most common methods of target hardening inlcude: 

  • Latch Interlock protector – for doors that swing inside preventing a crowbar attack upon the deadbolt or latch, with one way screws used to secure the interlock (Click this Don-Jo link to find the latch protector you want)
  • Wrap Around – increases strength deadbolt or latch from being snapped off the door and can be used to compress the door frame from a post break-in back together (Click this Don-Jo link to find the wrap around you want)
  • Astragal – for doors that swing outside opposite to interlock
  • Knob protector – covers the knob preventing a sledge hammer or crowbar prying the knob opening
  • Mortice Protector – this specifically protects mortice cylinders being opened by vice grips or any prying tools

Break-in fixed and installed with wrap around, interlock and heavy duty strike plate

Extra long interlock and wrap around


Knob Protector


Mortice Protector


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Target Hardening

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