Master Key System

What is a Master Key System?

Let us assume that you are the owner of a small car dealership.  You have a key that unlocks the front and back entry doors, another key for business offices, and another key for the service department.  Sales department has its own key and finally, your office uses yet another key.  That is a total of 5 keys. What if you could manage to have one master key that would unlock all  locks in the facility and your service manager their own key that would only unlock entry doors and the service department?  How about another key that will unlock business offices, but not your office?  Having a Master Key System makes all those possibilities a reality!

Our main goal is to provide you with a master key system that is unique to your property based on your needs.  We will successfully install your master key system without disrupting your day-to-day business activities.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Master key unlocks all doors

Control access to specific departments or offices

Flexibility of design gives ability to easily update system

Each individual only uses one key that would unlock one of more door locks

Availability of ‘DO NOT DUPLICATE’ master key system. No copies can be made without your consent

Patented Key Control System

Safe&Secure Locksmith is an official Kaba Peaks Preferred dealer, one of the  few in the Vancouver area.  Kaba Peaks Preferred has two major benefits over other brands:

Patent protection until 2024. Patent is designed to prevent the manufacture of aftermarket key blanks. This assures end-users that duplication of their high security keys can only be done by request in a controlled manner by authorized individuals.

Key control. Key control is establishing policies and procedures to control the process by which keys in a facility are managed and accounted for, thus limiting access to authorized personnel. Sound key control policies establish accountability, while maintaining the security of the facility.

High Security – this is not your standard Schlage lock. Kaba Peaks Preferred offers high security protection which makes it a lot harder to pick or bump your lock open. Drilling it open will require time and noise.

Kaba Peaks Preferred is a perfect master key system solution.  Call Safe&Secure Locksmith today for a free consultation.

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