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We are the trusted provider of professional lock rekey services. We offer a range of rekeying solutions, key duplication services, and expert installation to ensure your home, business, and vehicle are protected with the best security measures available.

Lock Rekey

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is a process performed by professional locksmiths that renders all previous keys inoperative, ensuring that only new keys can operate the lock. This is particularly beneficial when keys have been lost, stolen, or have fallen into the wrong hands. One of the main advantages of rekeying your locks is the cost-efficiency, as it is typically less expensive than replacing the entire lock.

Lost, Stolen, or Unreturned Keys

Lost or stolen keys leave your home extremely vulnerable and an easy target for thieves. Rekey your locks at your earliest convenience to enhance security.

New Home or Office Lock Rekey

When moving into a new property, it’s essential to ensure you are the only person with access. Rekeying the locks guarantees that any old keys will no longer work, providing you with peace of mind.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Locks Rekeyed

Rekey After Remodeling

Construction or contract workers often have access to your keys during renovations. Rekeying ensures that any copies made without your knowledge are rendered useless.


Rekey After Employee Dismissal

When an employee leaves, especially under unfavorable conditions, they may still possess keys to your property. Rekeying your locks immediately solves this potential security risk.



Rekey For 1-Key Convenience

If you have too many keys, our rekeying service can consolidate them so that one key unlocks all of your locks, offering greater convenience and simplicity.


Rekey For Long-Term Security

Over time, you may lose track of how many copies of your keys are out there. Rekeying provides a fresh start, ensuring you know exactly who has access to your property.


Lock Rekey Frequently Asked Questions.

What is lock rekeying and why should I consider it?

Lock rekeying is the process of altering a lock so that it can be operated by a different key, rendering previous keys useless. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance security without replacing the entire lock.

How often should I rekey my locks?

It’s recommended to rekey your locks whenever you move into a new home or office, after losing a key, following a break-in, or after any event where the security of your current keys may be compromised

Can all types of locks be rekeyed?

Most standard locks can be rekeyed by a professional locksmith. However, some high-security locks may require special tools or components. Consult with your locksmith to determine if your locks are suitable for rekeying.

How long does the lock rekeying process take?

The rekeying process is relatively quick, typically taking between 10 to 30 minutes per lock, depending on the type of lock and the locksmith’s expertise.


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