Lock Rekey

What is Lock Rekey?

Lock rekey is a process a professional locksmith can perform that will render all previous keys inoperative that were issued or have fallen into the wrong hands. The main benefit of rekeying your locks is cost. In most cases the cost for rekeying locks is less than replacing with brand new locks

Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Locks Rekeyed:

Lost, Stolen or Unreturned Keys

Any of these will leave your home extremely vulnerable and an easy target for thieves. Have your locks rekeyed at your earliest convenience.

New Home or Office

Just moved in to a new property?  Please be advised that others may still have copies of your keys. Have your locks rekeyed to make sure you are the only person that has access to your keys.


If your construction or contract workers have access to your keys, your home may be exposed and compromised. All it takes is a trip to any hardware store to make copies without you ever knowing.

1-Key Convenience

Too many keys? Allow Secure Locks to rekey your locks and make 1 key unlock all of your locks.

Employee dismissal

Employee dismissal is never a pleasant experience, especially knowing that they may have had access to keys from your property.  Rekeying your door locks will solve the problem immediately.

Long Term Security

Has it been a while since you have gotten your locks rekeyed? Are you unaware of how many copies of keys are out?  Consider rekeying your locks, so that you have the possession of all copies of the keys.

Replace or Rekey?

It all depends on the condition of your existing locks.  If your existing locks are defective, damaged, worn out, or hard to operate, we would recommend to have your locks replaced.  Eventually, old locks will fail and you may end up locked out of your house.  Lockouts almost always occur during the worst possible timing, not to mention that there will be a lockout charge.

However, if your locks operate perfectly fine and there is not a single issue that you may have noticed, we would definitely recommend lock rekey service.  Lock rekey is cost-efficient, time-efficient, and acquires the same level of security as lock replacement.  When the process is finished, you will receive a brand new set of keys while your old keys all become inoperable. 

Regardless of your choice, Safe&Secure Locksmith will provide the best possible service.  We will not leave your property until you are 100% Satisfied.

Call us any time to schedule your Rekey Appointment.