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Lock Repair

Security of Your Property is Our Top Priority

Having malfunctioning locks may lead to unnecessary delay in daily activity. This also makes the property a vulnerable target for thieves. That is why we recommend addressing any lock issues in a timely manner. If you are experiencing any of the following lock issues please feel free to contact Safe&Secure Locksmith. We will send one of our professional locksmiths quickly. 

Broken key: When the key is inserted and turned it snaps.  In many cases we are able to extract the key, replace it, and ensure the new key turns smoothly. 

Key is getting jammed: If it takes extra force to turn the key it will eventually break. To prevent that from happening contact Safe&Secure Locksmith. We are capable of completely disassembling the lock, cleaning and lubricating it, and reassembling it.

Old and/or worn out locks: Dirt builds up inside of the lock mechanism which will cause it to malfunction and eventually fail. This will result in a lockout.

Noticeable change of operation: If you notice anything different in the way your lock operates it is always a good idea to have it serviced before the issue gets worse.

Faulty locks will eventually lead to a complete lock failure and a possible lockout. The locks will be more vulnerable and become an easy target for burglary.  To prevent this from happening have our professional locksmiths examine and repair your locks.  We will have your locks repaired today!

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