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Door: Fully fire proo insulated, 4 1/3" overall thickness including facial 1/4" steel plate, 1/8" middle steel plate, and 1/8" inner steel plate

Body: 1/8" stel plate used for both inner and outer steel plates, plus 16Ga. Reinforcement steel bracket added with 1-1/4" thick fire proof insulated construction

Interior: Flexible design upholstered inside walls, shelving and door cover panel

1-1/4" dia chrome plated steel locking bolts

1-1/4" dia chrome plated dead bolts

Glass relocking device as first relocking device

Spring loaded auxiliary relocking

1/4" thick drill resistant bolt work and 6mm thick V shaped hardened brackets

Four recessed bolt down holes with plastic caps

Expandable in-tumescent fire seal on 4 sides of door

Heavy duty ball bearing steel block hinges

Class 350 degree F, 90 Minutes Fire Label

5 Spoke handle

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Gun Safes


  Outside: H 59.3", W 22", D 20"
   Inside: H 54", W ...											

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  Outside: H 59.3", W 31.2", D 22.4"
   Inside: H ...											

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  Outside: H 59.3", W 36", D 26"
   Inside: H 54.5", ...											

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