Note: Please note that we feature only few number of selected items on our website. We stock hundreds of other selections not listed on this website. We, therefore, invite you to visit our showroom for our complete and extensive selection of various superlock door products!

Mul-T-Lock® designs and manufactures high-security locks to suit a wide range of applications:

Hercular® deadbolt – provides the highest level of security for commercial and residential doors. Featuring hardened steel inserts and parts reinforced with some of the strongest-available materials, the Hercular® deadbolt provides the best protection against tampering, prying and drilling.
High-security locks – protect sensitive storage areas such as drawers and cabinet doors.

Cam locks – come in a range of sizes for use in diverse applications such as parking meters, cash boxes, casinos and pay telephones.

Switch locks – offer key control for electrical circuit systems such as alarm systems.


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