Car Key Extraction Service

Old and worn out keys are weak and tend to eventually break apart. Unfortunately, most of the time it happens when you are attempting to unlock the door lock or in the ignition when trying to start the car.


What to do in your key is broken inside of your door lock our ignition?

  1. Do not attempt to extract the broken key yourself.  Do not panic.  This situation happens all the time and Safe&Secure Locksmith is ready to assist you.  The reason why we do not recommend you extracting the broken piece on your own is because it is easy to make this matter worse.  Without proper tools and skills the key will most likely be pushed in deeper.  If the key does get pushed further this makes a locksmith’s task more complicated.  It may force us to have your ignition lock cylinder or door lock taken apart or worse – replaced (note: we do not replace door locks).
  2. Call Safe&Secure Locksmith. Our professional car locksmiths have the experience, tools, and skills to get your broken key extracted.  Once the technician shows up at your location they will safely extract the broken key, and then cut and program a replacement key.  We will do our best to get you back on the road safe and sound.

Broken Car Key Extraction From Ignition

One of the most common car key issues you might encounter is a jammed key inside the ignition. To remove it correctly and without any damage requires a set of specialized tools. Our experts are precisely equipped with everything they may need. We use the latest techniques to carefully remove the key out of the ignition. After all, if done improperly, it risks the entire mechanism to be damaged. It is less expensive to extract the broken key than to replace ignition or door lock.


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► Why did my key break inside of my ignition or door lock?

Few most common reasons are worn out key, frozen lock or ignition, broken lock or ignition.

► Once the key is broken inside of my door lock, do I need to replace my door lock or ignition or is there another way out?

Fortunately, there is no need to replace your ignition or door lock if there is a key stuck inside. Most of the time it is possible for a Safe&Secure Locksmith to successfully extract the broken key.  Our technicians have precise tools and the experience necessary to safely extract the broken key from your car’s door lock or ignition saving you time and money.

► Are you sure you guys can safely extract broken car keys? Is there any way to extract and super glue my broken keys?

Our car key extraction service success rate is approximately 90-95%.  We are confident in our abilities.  Once the key is extracted, we highly discourage any kind or key reattachment procedure.  Even if you are successful and the key starts working again, it is only a matter of time until it breaks again.  If it is recurrently broken you will be forced to call us once again for car key extraction service.

► What should I do with the broken pieces?

Once the broken key is extracted, in most cases we are able to decode it and quickly cut and program a brand new key. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the broken key just in case your new key is misplaced.

► I am looking for a car key extraction near me? Where is your office located?

We are a licenced and insured mobile locksmith service. We will come to the location of your vehicle and perform the job on site. Our area of coverage includes the city of Vancouver and suburbs.