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We provide padlocks of the following brands


Mul-T-Lock offers three line series of Padlocks in different sizes, and a variety of accessories such as padbars, shackle protectors and hasps to meet the different requirements of customers around the world. All padlocks are fully serviceable and can be master keyed, keyed alike, or key different

  • NE-series Padlocks are Mul-T-Lock’s Extra-Security group level. Incorporating patented innovations and exceeding the most rigorous international standards such as ASTM and CEN standards. The E-Series is the padlock for those looking for the highest level of security.
  • C-series Padlocks have extra strength hardened steel shell and a hardened boron steel shackle that are stronger than the standard steel padlocks in the market.
  • G-series Padlocks are a medium security solution that offers great value for money. This padlock is anti-corrosive in all weather conditions and its hardened boron alloy shackle make it tamper resistant.


Yardeni Locks are high strength bolt locks used for a variety of residential, commercial or industrial uses. Currently marked 50% off the retail price limited stock come into are showroom to check it out !!!


American Lock a product of Master Lock are excellent locks for commercial pickup truck or van that needs extra security on doors or toolboxes. Its extra harden steel shielding protects it from bolt cutters and angle grinders for the determined thieves.


Guard is value for money if a simple brass padlock is what you need.

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