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–  Designed to fit between the wall studs

–  Constructed of heavy gauge steel plate

–  Dial and digital locks


–  Electronic lock with manual override key

–  Uses 4 AA batteries with low battery warning signal

–  Predrilled holes with mounting bolts


One hour fire resistant safes at 1700 degrees laboratory furnace to ensure interior temperature remains 350 degrees

– Fits between 16″  standard or wider wall studs

– Recessed front allows safe to be concealed behind picture or mirror

– 3-wheel high quality combination lock controls 2 live action locking bolts (top & bottom) to lock the safe

– Body and door barriers are made with 35mm of fire resistant material cast between 2 layers of mild steel

– Four steel locking bolts & removable shelf

– Installation kit included

– Electronic lock can be programmed to your personal code

– Factory, personal and valet codes

– Easy to change combination

– Valet code can be erased

– Low battery warning

– Use 4 “AA” batteries

– Lock out for 2 minutes when a wrong combination is entered 3 consecutive times

FF-33 Safe

–  All steel in-wall safe

–  Fits between 16″ wall or floor studs

–  Double thick 1/8″ solid steel door

– Anti-pry steel door

– Flush front allows safe to be concealed behind a picture or mirror

– Safe flange covers wall opening to eliminate finish work

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