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    • Composite construction -6″ thick door – 2″ thick body (New light weight insulation)
    • 1.5 Hour manufacturer fire label
    • 2″ Bolts
    • Solid, continious dead bolt bar for complete locking of the hinge side
    • Large heavy duty hinges with bearing plate for smooth operation
    • 1/2″ Thick hard plate impregnated with ball bearings
    • 2 Relocking devices for protection during drill & punch attacks
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Mounting holes provided
    • 2nd lock option
    • In-tumescent door seal (the seal swells up to 8 times its normal thickness at high temperatures)
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  Outside: H 23.8", W 22", D 22"
   Inside: H 19.8", ...											

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  Outside: H 29.5", W 22", D 22"
   Inside: H ...											

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